Top 5 Best Internet Marketers and Their Secrets

Best Internet Marketers

Internet Marketing is such an interesting venture. Once you know where to source for information. Especially when you learn from the top best internet marketers. And you apply their secrets.

The world is constantly evolving and Internet marketing has change the game. For many big and small enterprises starting an online business. In all fair honestly, if I had known better, I would have tapped into the huge potential behind the internet marketing realm. Especially from (In my own opinion) the top best internet marketers out there.

One of the things you should always be doing is keep reading and acquiring knowledge. Most importantly application of the applied knowledge. As Ray Higdon puts it; Invest, Learn and Teach. That’s to say, Invest in yourself, Learn and Teach Others. And you surely will be on your way to success.

Revealing the Top 5 Best Internet Marketers

Now I will reveal to you the top 5 best internet marketers. I am currently following and unravel some of their powerful secrets that you can start applying today.

1. John Chow
Awesome Entrepreneur who refers to himself as the Original Dot Com Mogul. He is a well-known internet marketing guru. And prides himself in the area of teaching people how to make money online.

John is one of the biggest bloggers on the internet. With over 200,000 active daily followers and readers of his content. His famous eBook The Ultimate Online Profit Model have gained such a huge popularity. That tons of people (including myself) are able to change their life after reading this book.

2. Mike Dillard
He is a Father, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Freedom Fighter and an amazing Mentor of mine. Mike is the creator of a very powerful book called Magnetic Sponsoring, which changed the game for the internet marketing industry. Via the introduction of “Attraction Marketing”. He has well over 420,000 subscribers and he applies building a huge email list, which is the bedrock to his success.

One of his strongest belief is “He has always believed that the greatest achievement each of us can strive for in life is to have the ability to create the world around you, so that it matches the dreams in your mind.”

3. Ray Higdon
An amazing and one of the best internet marketers who helps network marketers recruit more reps, get more leads and become top earners in their various companies.

Ray creates a lot of training modules people purchase and use to invest in themselves, thus having a flourishing business. Ray is a very transparent individual who brings honesty, humility and is willing to help people become better. He has drastically changed a lot of things about me for sure.

4. Ben Settle
Ben is no doubt the world’s leader in email copywriting education. He’s an Internet marketer, entrepreneur, email specialist and author who writes about business, marketing and selling, as well as the occasional twisted monster story.
You can read more about his books and other writings at Ben Settle.

5. Eric Worre
Many of you might already know him. Eric has been a leader in the Network Marketing Profession for over 25 years. He has done outstandingly well and has become an accomplished trainer who has conducted hundreds of live events around the world. Teaching people how to become Network Marketing Professionals.

One of his famous books, Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional, which has impacted several individuals with its value based content. And Eric has used this to build a huge email list and subscriber base.

Best Internet Marketers

In the video below I share the top 5 best internet marketers and their secrets, so feel free to watch it if you want to take your business to the next level.

Top 5 Best Internet Marketers and Their Secrets

6. BONUS best internet marketers – Kola Shonubi (In the Making)
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Kola loves to help others succeed and accomplish their dreams. So weather its affiliate marketing, network marketing, or you have a local business already, you need to build your business faster or you just want to learn stuff, here’s your opportunity to learn it. Click here to Learn more

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