How to Use Online Video Marketing Strategy

Online Video Marketing Strategy

The power of online video marketing strategy has changed the online industry. Many individuals and companies now use video marketing to deliver their content. This makes passing of messages more interactive. Likewise, it helps the viewers build a level of trust with the individual. As their personality is reflected in the videos.

Here are some of the many benefits it gives you. To a large extent, it enables you connect more with your audience. It gets you a high level of engagement. And it also makes your audience see you as a person of authority in your video marketing niche or area of expertise.

Regards how to use online video marketing strategy, there are various ways.

I was not someone that use to shoot videos in the past. I learnt how through my mentor Vincent Ortega Jr. My first few videos weren’t that great. So I must tell you, don’t bother on making it perfect.

Early this year, Vincent put me up for a 100 days’ video challenge. To shoot a video for a hundred days nonstop. And always to keep sharing value based content in them. If you would like to challenge yourself to that, then connect with me on My Facebook after reading this blog post.

Ways on How to Use Online Video Marketing Strategy

Ensure your video contains value content: Always ensure your videos are full of value based content. It’s a very effective online video marketing strategy. Because people love being educated and not sold. Always try to give lots of value based videos before you do a promotion based video. That way your audience will always want to come back to watch your videos. Because you keep giving them value, and they get to know you, like you and trust you.

Make your videos SEO compliant: By SEO I mean Search Engine Optimisation, for those that do not understand the term. When you record your videos, use titles that people are seeking for online. Either via google or YouTube or any search engine. And make your video around the title. That is to say, record your video based on that title. That way when people search online, there is tendency your video pops up. When it receives a lot of views, it helps give your video a very good SEO ranking.

Put a call-to-action in your videos: For people that are smart enough, especially the marketers. It would be good to include a call-to-action in your videos. What you want your audience to do.

It can be in a way of telling them to go to a website to get more info. Or to subscribe to your weekly newsletter for up to date videos. Or for them to connect with you on your Facebook fan page. And so on. This enables you to build a following base.

If you can as well, build yourself an email list by offering something of value in exchange for their emails. That way you can always follow up on your subscribers with up to date videos you release. And when you have a promotion video, they would likely buy from you.

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 How to Use Online Video Marketing Strategy

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